First Phase of Exhumations Finished at Dozier on Tuesday


Via the JC Floridian. Dr. Kimmerle working at the excavation site.

Dr. Erin Kimmerle and the anthropology team from the University of South Florida wrapped up the first phase of exhumations at the Dozier School for Boys in Marianna, FL.  By the end of the day on Tuesday, the team of researchers had removed skeletal remains from two graves, outside the known boundaries of the cemetery at Dozier, known as Boot Hill.  Dr. Kimmerle believes that one set of the remains belongs to a boy between 10-12 years age, based on the growth pattern of his teeth.

The recovered skeletal remains were transported to the USF lab, where they will be cataloged, examined, and have their DNA tested.  DNA from the bones will be compared with samples from about 10 living individuals who donated DNA to determine if they are a familial match.

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Here is a link to an NPR interview with Dr. Kimmerle.

Go here to see a slideshow of the excavations from The Miami Herald.

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