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Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma: X-Rays of Attic Mummy Create More Questions Than Answers


Via Spiegel Online. CT Scan of Mummy’s Skull

Last month a boy in Kreiszeitung, Germany found a mummy in a hidden sarcophagus in his grandmother’s attic.  Many thought at the time it was a hoax.  These people maybe right, just not in the way they thought.

The CT scans and radiological analyses revealed a mummy that is 4.9ft (1.49m), with a mostly intact human skeleton.  The skull has an arrowhead through one of its eye sockets, and a metal headband wrapped around it.  There are also plates decorated with hieroglyphics, and all of the bones, except for the skull, are wrapped in a material similar to metal foil.  Whoever wrapped the bones in metal probably knew what they were doing because this makes further X-ray analysis impossible.

The forensic team working with the mummy believe it dates to the 20th century, because of the metal wrapped bones, and the machine-made linen or cotton bandaging wrapped around the body.  The fact that this mummy is missing most of its neck (cervical) vertebrae suggests that it may consist of bones of more than one person.   Because of these suspicious circumstances, the Kreiszeitung authorities have confiscated the mummy to run further tests to make sure that the bones don’t belong to a person(s) who died recently.

The boy’s father, Lutz-Wolfgang Kettler, thinks his father brought the mummy back, with other souvenirs, from North Africa in the 1950s.  Since his father passed away 12 years ago, getting more info on the mummy’s origin from him is impossible.

Click here to see slideshow at Spiegel Online to get an idea of how thoroughly this thing is wrapped in metal.  They have photos of the sarcophagus, mummy, and the different scans.  The arms of the mummy look like the arms of a doll or stuff animal, you can see why people thought it was a fake.   It looks like the bones of the lower arm are missing too, but I can’t tell.

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