Headless skeleton discovered in a well in a Roman Cemetery

Via This is Gloucestershire.  Grave unearthed at Gloucester site

Via This is Gloucestershire. Grave unearthed at Gloucester site

Last week, This is Gloucestershire reported that Cotswold Archaeology discovered a skeleton at the bottom of a well at the center of the Roman cemetery in Gloucester.   The find of the skeleton itself is not news worthy, because this archaeological site has yielded 116 bodies.  What makes this find odd is that this skeleton is missing its skull, legs, and bones of the upper arm.

The researchers at the site believe that the remains belong to an adult male, and the missing limbs and skull decomposed after his death.   The archaeologists believe that man died and was buried in the well.  The team has not uncovered any other artifacts, like grave goods, associated with this body.  The nature of the discovery has the site manager Stuart Joyce baffled because he doesn’t know of any other finds similar to this.

At the end of July the skeleton tally from this Roman cemetery was 40.   By the end of August, archaeologists had uncovered more than 100 skeletons, which has far exceeded what the team from Cotswold Archaeology was expecting.

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