[UPDATE] ‘Vampire’ Burial at the Perperikon Site in Bulgaria

Via DailyMail.  Photo of Perperikon 'vampire'.

Via DailyMail. Photo of Perperikon ‘vampire’.

Here is a photo of the most recent Bulgarian ‘vampire’ burial.  I didn’t have any pics of this grave when I wrote about this a little over  week ago.  Here’s one of the pics, you can see the metal rod piercing the skeletons chest in the lower right side of the picture.  There are more photos of the grave and the archaeological site over at the DailyMail.

To recap, archaeologists unearthed this ‘vampire’ burial a couple weeks ago at the Perperikon site in Bulgaria.  This archaeological team, by a team lead by Professor Nikolai Ovcharov (Bulgaria’s Indiana Jones), believes the bones belong to a man who was 35-40 years old when he died, about 700 years ago.  The fact that he was pinned down with the metal end of a plough (ploughshare), suggests that his contemporaries believed he was going to rise from his grave.

Belief in vampires was widespread throughout Europe during the Middle Ages.  They thought that bad people (often academics, nobles, and clerics) would turn into vampires after death unless stabbed in the chest with an iron or wooden rod before being buried.

About a hundred ‘vampire’ burials have been unearthed across Bulgaria over the years.  But this is only the second grave archaeologists have discovered who’s body was pinned down this way.  Last year Dr. Ovcharov and his found dug up a similar grave in the Bulgarian town of Sozopol.

I hope they’re able to identify the remains of this man, like the ‘Sozopol Vampire.’  Should be interesting to see if he fits the mold of evil aristocrat or pirate.

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