Skeletal Remains in Two Cars Recovered From Lake in Custer County, Oklahoma

Photo from of 2 cars recovered from the lake

Photo from of 2 cars recovered from the lake

The skeletal remains of six people submerged in two cars were discovered in Foss Lake Tuesday afternoon.  Oklahoma Highway Patrol was testing a new sonar device on the lake when they discovered the two cars.  The police believe that the remains belong to people who went missing decades ago.

The first car pulled from the lake was an early 1950’s Chevy with three bodies inside. Authorities believe the remains belong to a couple who went missing in the 1960’s, on their way to Foss Lake.  Police are not sure who the third body belongs to. The second car, a 1969 Camaro, had three bodies inside, but they believe the remains belong to three teenagers reported missing in November of 1970.   However, local authorities have not formally identified all of the remains.

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