[UPDATE] Search for Suleiman’s Heart Leads To Discovery of Ottoman Era Town

From Wikipedia.  Photo of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent.

From Wikipedia. Photo of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent.

Hungarian archaeologists say they have found the remains of an Ottoman-era town in southern Hungary where the heart of Suleiman the Magnificent is believed to have been buried.  The town, called Turbek, was founded by the Ottomans after the death of Suleiman.  The sultan died during the Seige of Szigetvar in 1566, while his troops besieged its fortress.  Though the siege was a victory for the Turks, their losses were so substantial that it stopped the advance of Ottoman Turks in its tracks.  After Suleiman died, his body was embalmed and some of his organs, including his heart, was removed and buried.  Historians believe his men buried Suleiman’s heart in Szigetvar, and took his body taken back to Constantinople for burial.

Norbert Pap, a member of the excavation team, said the discovery of the Ottoman town could offer clues that will help them narrow their search for the tomb containing Suleiman the Magnificent’s heart.  So far, the researchers at the site have unearthed luxury goods such as Chinese porcelain, Persian ceramics and glass, which indicate Turbek’s population was wealthy. The town’s discovery is also considered unique because the Turks rarely built cities in the areas they occupied, preferring instead to live in already existing settlements.

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