The skull cave of Fiji

Skull-Caves-2-smallWhen I think about Fiji, clear blue water and golden sands come to mind.   I could never imagine that such an exotic location is home could be home to a mass grave.  In 2007 near Wailotua Village, on Viti Levu (Fiji’s largest island), men using a digger stumbled across a cave while looking for stones.  When the digger plowed through a slab of stone exposing a opening in the cave, the driver got off of the machine and looked in side and saw skulls and bones piled in the corner all the way to the ceiling.

According to the Fiji Times, the cave where the bones were found is called Naqaranibolo and preserves a tragic moment in Fiji’s history.   The bones belong to men, women and children,  who are the ancestors of the villagers of Vatuwa and Viriqilai, that were killed by the measles epidemic that ravaged Fiji in the early 1900’s.  When the measles epidemic struck it killed so many people so quickly that the villagers didn’t have any place to bury the dead, so they placed the bodies in the cave.

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