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Update #1: Bosnian Mass Grave Found Near Prijedor

Photo via DailyMail of authorities excavating the mass grave near Prijedor.

Photo via DailyMail of authorities excavating the mass grave near Prijedor.

Dozens of bodies have been discovered buried in a mass grave in northern Bosnia, in the village of Tomasica, near the Bosnian town of Prijedor.  Authorities believe that these human remains belong to Bosniak Muslims and Croats killed by Serb forces in during the civil war, in the summer of 1992.   These people were killed in a savage military campaign to eliminate all non-Serbs from the parts of the country they controlled.  Paramilitary units and the Bosnian Serb army drove out the non-Serb population, and put thousands of people into prison camps where many were tortured and executed.

More than 3,300 people were reported missing from the Prijedor area.  To date, the remains of more than 2,000 victims have been found and identified, mostly by DNA analysis.  Initial excavations unearthed a 23 foot thick layer composed of human remains hidden under artificial embankments.  Authorities have already found 94 bodies and expect to discover many more because there are about 1,200 people still missing from the area.  Bosnia’s prosecution office said they expect this to be one of the largest mass graves ever found in the region.

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