[Update] Remains Found in Storage Unit in Kentucky Positively Identified

Photo via The News Journal of the remains recovered from the storage unit.

Photo via The News Journal of the remains recovered from the storage unit.

Today police identified the remains as those belonging to Doris Wood using dental records, which were found in a storage unit last week.  A father and son, who purchased the contents of the unit at an auction, found the human bones in three yellow plastic grocery bags on some boxes.  Police said the presence of dirt on the bones the bones suggests they were buried at one point, and both femur (leg) bones had been cut in half with a power saw.  Law enforcement collected two small hand saws, but since the cuts through the femurs are smooth, they don’t think they were used for dismemberment.

The former owner of the storage unit was Robert Wood, whose wife, Doris Anne Wood was reported in Delaware on July 28, 1997.  She was last seen leaving her home on her way to her sister’s house, but she never made it.  Delaware police questioned Robert Wood at the time of his wife’s disappearance, but no charges were filed against him.  Robert Wood moved away from Corbin, KY in 2004, and passed away in Alabama on May 4th of this year, but he continued to pay the rent on the unit.

Now law enforcement is hoping to determine the circumstances around her death, and identify the cause and and manner of Doris Wood’s death.

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