Emergency excavations in Bulgaria have unearthed a necropolis with 376 graves


Photo via Novinite of some of the graves excavated during construction of the pipeline.

Novinite reports that archaeologists working near the town of Marten in northern Bulgaria have discovered hundreds of ancient graves that span centuries.   Archaeologists working on emergency excavations in the gas pipeline route between Bulgaria and Romania have unearthed a necropolis with 376 graves.  Experts believe these graves are from different periods including: eight graves dug by Thracian tribes; some date to the early Roman Empire; others date between 4th and 6th century AD; and some from the time of the First Bulgarian Kingdom (681-1018 AD).

Dean Dragoev tells Novinite that one of the most interesting discoveries is a grave belonging to a little girl which contained bricks, tile, and jewelry (such as two gold earrings, a gold-plated needle, and an amulet made of red glass).  The girl was found with a key ring in her hand, which likely had a key to a coffer, that archaeologists believe was stolen in the 13th century by grave robbers.

Archaeologists in Bulgaria’s Danube city of Ruse continue to analyze the findings, which will be part of an exhibit at the Ruse History Museum.

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