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Update #2: More on the contents of the 1700 year old coffin of Roman child.

Photo on the left via Birmingham Mail of archaeologists sifting through coffin's contents; Photo on the right via Mail Online of the nails discovered with the coffin

Photo on the left via Birmingham Mail of archaeologists sifting through coffin’s contents; Photo on the right via MailOnline of the nails discovered with the coffin

On Monday, experts from Archaeology Warwickshire opened a lead-lined coffin they believe contains the remains of a child who died in Roman England, about 1700 years ago.   When they got their first look inside the coffin, archaeologists found a thick layer of clay.  Stuart Palmer, project spokesman, originally told the Birmingham Mail that it’s unlikely that any human bones could still be in the coffin.  “We may find some bone fragments, but there’s no guarantee they will be recognisable.”  Check out the Birmingham Mail article for a slideshow and video of the opening of the coffin.  BUT the MailOnline is now reporting that as archaeologists sifted through the clay they found human bone fragments.

Archaeologists have also found a pair of tiny black bangles, that they believe belong to a little Roman girl.  Go here to see pictures of the bracelets.  Palmer told the MailOnline: ‘It is reasonable to suppose [the remains] could be a female – such bracelets were normally worn by women.

Chris Wright, a member of the metal detector enthusiast club Digging Up The Past, discovered the small lead-lined coffin in a Leicestershire field about four feet underground, and two miles away from the site of a Roman settlement and fort.  At the time, the burial was estimated to be between 1600 and 1900 years old.  Archaeology Warwickshire has already found fragments, believed to be nails used on the outer-wooden part of the coffin.  They estimate that the coffin would have cost $300,000 it today’s money.

Archaeologists want to name the child, and they’re seeking the public’s help.  Go here to put in your vote.

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