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A mass grave has been found outside of Victorville, CA says San Bernardino County sheriff

Photo via the San Bernardino Sun of the site of the mass grave in California

Photo via The San Bernardino Sun of the site of the mass grave in California

On Monday an off-road motorcyclist, who found human remains on the outskirts of an unincorporated area of Victorville, CA, reported the discovery to the Sheriff’s Department.  When deputies returned on Tuesday they found the remains of more than one person. Sheriff’s officials have not yet confirmed how many people are buried there, but should have an estimate by this afternoon.

On Wednesday while forensic investigators with the Sheriff’s department were excavating a grave in a 10-by-10 area, workers found another grave about six feet away as they were sifting through dirt for bones and other evidence.   Sheriff John McMahon said there maybe as many as three grave sites because they found a third area with disturbed soil.

Investigators believe there are multiple people buried in each grave.  A forensic anthropologist is examining the remains to determine the age, sex, and ancestry of the remains.

San Bernardino County sheriff’s spokeswoman Jodi Miller told The San Bernardino Sun, “It appears the remains have been there for an extended period of time.”

The San Bernardino Sun is also hosting a live blog at their site while their reporters on the scene.

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