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Update #1: The bones of 4 people discovered in two shallow graves in Mojave Desert in Southern California.

Photo via The San Bernardino Sun of forensic investigators working on the 2 grave sites.

Photo via The San Bernardino Sun of forensic investigators working on the 2 grave sites.

The Ventura County Star reports that the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department confirmed they excavated skeletal remains of four people from 2 shallow graves in Victorville, CA, which is about 70 miles northeast of Los Angeles. The area is well known body-dumping site among local law enforcement officials. Forensic workers at the site believe the remains have been there for awhile.

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department released a statement Wednesday night that said, “There were two graves where remains were located as well as additional skeletal remains … near the graves.” The remains that were found outside the shallow graves were likely dug up and dispersed by animals. Investigators thought there was a third grave-site because of disturbed soil. This area was also excavated but forensic investigators found that it was unrelated to the other two graves.

Forensic anthropologists and sheriff’s homicide detectives have concluded the three-day excavation. The remains are now with a forensic anthropologist who will determine sex, ancestry, and age of the remains.

On Monday a motorcyclist, who found human remains on the outskirts of an unincorporated area of Victorville, CA, reported the discovery to the Sheriff’s Department.

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