Forensic Anthro and Archaeology Videos

News story about the excavation at the Dozier Boys School.

Black Death plague skeletons uncovered at archaeological dig during Crosstrail Project in England (by ITN)

Archaeological dig of King Richard the III by the University of Leceister

Video showing stills of the Rothwell Charnel Chapel (by the mailonline)

Video of News Report of Ned Kelly’s Remains Being Returned

National Geographic video on the “vampire” skeletons unearthed in Ireland 2012.

Forensic Anthro Videos [Some of the below videos are NSFW and graphic]

Time lapse video of the decay of a monitor lizard

[NSFW and graphic] Informative video about the Body Farm at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Time lapse video of decomposition of a pigs head. Shot by my friend, Nora Vlaszof in 2009.

Decomposition Timeline illustrated by the decay of a pig

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